The Problem

How can you create a university brand that is taken seriously by investors but appeals to a student population?

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The What

IDEA is Northeastern University's student-led Venture Accelerator. IDEA provides entrepreneurs in the Northeastern community the support, in-kind resources and educational experience of developing a business from core concept to launch. I became the Creative Director at IDEA 4 years after it's start with the goal to pull all their materials together under one brand that appealed to its big-name angel investors as well as the student and faculty body that makes up the 200+ active ventures in the program.
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Previous Collateral

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Branded Collateral

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The Goals

Build on existing materials

The completed brand needed to be professional to represent the IDEA organizaiton, but also appeal to potential student and faculty ventures

Easily templated and adapted for non-designers

Establish a related but not identical subrand for NEXPO

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Impact Report

As a university program, IDEA has provided the resources, support and mentorship for hundreds of ventures to have the profound educational experience of building a business from concept to launch. In the Spring of 2016 we developed IDEA’s first annual Impact Report to measure and share our progress with our community. We gathered metrics from all of IDEA’s stakeholders related to our mission of supporting Northeastern entrepreneurs to reach their full potential through educational experiences and launching successful companies.

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